Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Path Ways

Right now, I'm waiting for the pilot episode of "Cougar Town" to load. The show had its third season finale this May, and despite positive reviews, it never really caught my attention. That is until I read blog updates from this guy.

He was writing about the highlights from my new favorite TV show, "Happy Endings" and "Modern Family," which I also enjoy. I was only interested in the HE and MF section, but since the highlights for all three shows were lumped together, I figured why not? Reading never hurt anyone (hehe).

But now I'm wondering, what got me here? I wanted to see a specific dialogue of HE but I couldn't remember what episode it was in. I Googled and the Please Welcome Your Judge blog appeared in the results. That explains why I'm watching Cougar Town, but why was I searching for HE quotes. Well, I only started watching the show because it was on after MF and Eliza Coupe was in it. I started watching MF because I saw an episode with my cousin while talking to her mom and I know Coupe from "Scrubs" which I only started watching while living in NC because TV was my only friend. I was living in NC....

You can see where I going with this. No moment just happens. Everything is connected. This sentiment can be seen everywhere - from MIB 3 to Stephen King novels.

The point of all this: Stop what you're doing and take a moment to think about how you got there. Now marvel at the ripple effects one little change in your life can have.