Sunday, December 30, 2012

The best of the year!

Since we're entering 2013, I want to share the 13 best things that happened to me this year.

In no real order, these are the best moments of my year:

He's home! (#1)
1. My marine brother coming home from deployment undamaged. No physical injuries, and minimal mental scars. Best Christmas gift possible.

Drinks with the girls (#2)
2. Drinking with BL and GD. Both nights were amazingly fun, I got to grab two boobs and slap someone really hard! Plus, there was the drunk Scottish boys ;)

3. Dating Paul. He wasn't the best boyfriend and a shitty lover, but it was nice to have someone and good to have stories.

Just one of the stories
I wrote (#4)
4. Getting hired as the intern for my university. I have had the best the time working in that office and it's made me feel so much sure of my skills. Submitting press releases and having them printed; writing copy for a magazine; editing copy; doing research; interviewing people - students, professors, and other professionals.

5. Storm chasing with SMC. It was crazy and not something I would have done alone, but it was super fun and I'm glad it happened.

6. Taking glassblowing. I'm not great, probably the worst blower in the class, but making things has always been a phenomenal experience and glassblowing is like seeing magic.

My birthday cake :) (#7)
7. Surprise birthday picnic in the commons. I totally didn't see it coming and BL and AW made my "perfect birthday" even though it was a crazy request. Ahhh, friendship really is magic.

8. Concert with my mom. My mom had only been to one concert her whole life (she's 55). At 22, I've already been to 15. She totally didn't like the show, but it was great exploring Boston with her afterwards.

The water isn't safe
anymore. (#9) 
9. Getting a shark's fin. See pics, but I think I invited a hair style and that's amazing. It also inspired a project. Plus it's badass and now I'm a predator. hahaha

10. Competing in the AAF regionals. Fuck man, working on a campaign for 9 months only to get beaten by the worst idea ever, really makes you feel like shit. But I loved that CG and her fiancĂ©e came and that was the first time I heard "Call Me Maybe." So it was a great day. Plus, I looked dapper with my blue tie.

Titanic style! (#11)
11. Going on a cruise with EL. It really solidified out friendship, being able to talk about boys and dancing with her. And I love being on a boat! haha

We saw deer, rabbits, fish
birds, and cats. (#12)
12. Visiting CG and spending the night with her. Again, it solidified the friendship and I loved seeing her town and her cats. It was also great to be back in a sorta natural place. I'm a child of the woods, living in the city.

13. Getting inspired to photograph again. Three years of not touching a camera was rough and crazy of me. The Jerry Uelsmann exhibit and doing action shots of hockey games were the perfect catalyst to restart that passion.
Uelsmann is called the
"Father of Photoshop"

Chasing the puck!

Here's to 2013. Hopefully I'll have 14 great moments to share next Dec. 31. Thank you all for being a part of my life. I love you.