Thursday, February 17, 2011

Waste Not, Want Not.

This semester, a new dorm and dining hall opened on campus. Students have generally accepted this new dining hall as THE dining hall and people crowd the tables every night. Students will fill up their plates, eat half and throw the rest away. In an effort to cut down on the waste, the school has put up a board that tracks how many pounds of waste each day, and a bin with food bits in it.

Now, I understand not eating something because you don't like it, and I greatly encourage trying new things, even if you're not sure how it'll taste. But I've seen students eat half a burger, and throw the rest away. I once saw a girl take three licks off an ice cream cone (that she made herself) and throw the rest away. It's as if some of these people think the food supply is never ending.

Last December I decided that I would stop throwing away food, or at least cut back. Something that I'm proud to say as been extremely easy. First, I cut back on portions. This has actually made me healthier. Now when I finish a meal, I sit back let my stomach decide if it's full or not and act accordingly.

But food isn't the only waste I've seen at Salem State. My apartment mates constantly leave the television and lights on. Once again, I understand the need to have background sound playing and not wanting to wake up to a dark house, but I find it all unnecessary. Right now, I have the light in my room on, and my laptop charging. That's it. My cell phone charger is unplugged and only gets plugged in when I need it. Same with my iPod and battery chargers.

Energy and food are expensive. Let's all hold hands and try not to waste it. Or at least grow up and act like adults who give a fuck.

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