Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Year in Review

Since this is literally the last day of 2011, I thought it would be nice to look back on the year that was. And even though not much has changed for me, it's nice to stroll down memory lane and highlight the big events. Walk with me?


  • Jan 17, First official day as a Salem State University student.
  • Jan 19, Starting viewing poetry as a serious art form.
  • Jan 22, Start this blog.
  • Jan ?, Join SSU's student paper as a staff member.
  • Jan ?, Set up a date on Craigslist. It ends with disastrous results.


  • Feb 14, For the first time in years, give out Valentine's Day cards.
  • Feb 21, Start writing latest unfinished novel.
  • Feb ?, Join MASSPIRG. Quit later.
  • Feb ?, Join SSU's chapter of AAF. Love it later.


  • March 11, Japan has a major earthquake and realize how close death is.
  • March 15, Fly to Philly for Spring Break. Love life.
  • March 18, Leave Philly. Be sad and happy at same time.
  • March 23, See Ellie Goulding live. Had a blast!
  • March ?, Come up with tattoo design idea. Flip-flop on getting it.


  • April 8, Decide not to go to an Adele show, she won't be that famous.
  • April 22, Go to Anime Boston as Lady Gaga. Regret it.
  • April 22, Pete Lee goes to Westfield State.
  • April 30, Present JCP campaign. Fails to impress, look like an idiot.
  • April ?, Join a Bible study group. Quit later.


  • May 1, Osama bin Laden dies. Be saddened by the celebrations.
  • May 5, Discover fan fiction, never look back.
  • May 6, Vomit from drinking to much for the first time.
  • May 11, See Airborne Toxic Event and love it.
  • May 13, Semester ends. Lowest grade is a C+. Argue to have it changed.


  • June 1, A tornado doesn't come through town.
  • June 14, Friend tells me that she's not renting an apartment with me.
  • June 23, Saw a friend's production of Cinderella. It was ok.
  • June 28, Day trip to Boston with a friend. Re-fall in love with libraries.
  • June ?, Start cross-stitching again. Later quit that too.


  • July 2, Three miracles are born.
  • July 2, Three stories end before their time. One in my hands.
  • July 6, Photograph the most beautiful building in my hometown. Love life.
  • July 17, Watch a woman pee in public. Blog about it a month later.
  • July 22, See Daniel Tosh and laugh uncontrollably.


  • Aug 3, Swear that I would never dye my hair pink.
  • Aug 5, Sign lease-officially renting an apartment. Feel like an adult.
  • Aug 8, Think of an awesome joke that no one laughs at.
  • Aug 15, See Maroon 5 alone. Love every second once the music starts.
  • Aug 17, Turn 21. Celebrate by drinking tequila for the first time.
  • Aug 24, Friend asks me to help write webcomic. Be extremely touched.
  • Aug 28, Start secondary blog. Update it more that this one.
  • Aug 30, See Sara Barellies live and love every second.


  • Sept 1, Do first duties as News Editor for "The Log."
  • Sept 6, Dye my hair pink. Love life and enjoy being gay.
  • Sept 7, Second semester of school starts.
  • Sept 7, Friend leaves for Japan and I truly miss her.
  • Sept 10, Go to job interview and don't get it.
  • Sept 17, Go to Mixfest and like being so close to Boston.
  • Sept 21, Do first "Day in the Life."
  • Sept 22, Fall in the mud and love every second of it!
  • Sept ?, Go vegetarian.
  • Sept ?, Friend gets engaged and feel pure happiness for her


  • Oct 5, Do a good deed and buy winter stuff for homeless people
  • Oct 11, Realize I'm slacking in my journalist duties and vow to do better.
  • Oct 15, Confirm dislike of beer.
  • Oct 20, Gaddafi dies. Think about editorial, never do. Regret it.
  • Oct 21, See Rocky Horror Picture Show and miss being on stage.
  • Oct 25, I don't go to U-Nite. I regret this.
  • Oct 27, Finish first short movie and feel pride.
  • Oct 28, Go on a "Haunted Cruise" and love feeling the wind and ocean.
  • Oct ?, Join SGA
  • Oct ?, Eat meat.


  • Nov 3, Start hosting a weekly radio show and consider a career in radio.
  • Nov 17, See a trailer for "The Woman in Black."
  • Nov 18, See "Breaking Dawn: Part 1" and enjoy brain candy.
  • Nov 19, See a friend's orchestra concert and meet her parents. Love life.
  • Nov 21, Finish second short movie and edit it alone. Feel more pride.
  • Nov 29, Finish a blog post I've been thinking about for 6 months.


  • Dec 1, Go to a hokey game and want to attend more.
  • Dec 7, Seriously worry that you might die a virgin.
  • Dec 9, Quit working for "The Log." Don't regret it!
  • Dec 13, Seriously worry that you might die virgin. Again.
  • Dec 17, Semester ends. Get an A and be proud.
  • Dec 17, Semester ends. Get a C- and be ashamed.
  • Dec 20, Alex comes home.Love life like never before.
  • Dec 21, Throw a holiday party. Only have family come.
  • Dec 29, Childhood best friend has major surgery.
  • Dec 30, think it's a brilliant idea to relive the year (it was!).

Here's to 2012, may it be just as eventful as these days,

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